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Vytek’s approach is to partner with our customers in order to formulate and implement a solution which properly addresses both the application requirements as well as budgetary constraints.

We will Work With You to Carefully Blend a Laser Solution Seamlessly into Your Other Operations. We are Manufacturers Ourselves and as such, we have a Strong Understanding of Manufacturing Issues and Requirements. We Promise to Maximize the Benefits to You While

Keeping the Expenses Down.

The Vytek 3-Phase Thin-Film PV Start-Up Solution
Phase I

FiberCab for Scribing and Edge Deletion on Test Coupons

Full Access to Vytek’s Application Center and

Process Development Engineers

Phase II

Deployment of Vytek’s Field Proven protoSCRIBE Low to

Medium Volume, Full-Size Panel Scribing System for

Pilot Production

Phase III

Axiom Production Laser Solutions for P1, P2 and P3

High-Accuracy Scribing and Rapid Edge Deletion Tools

Applications Center

Our Applications Center Is Equipped with a Full Compliment of Photovoltaic Processing Platforms outfitted with a wide range of laser sources. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to the development of new and novel processing techniques that employ our proprietary beam shaping optics in conjunction with our high-speed, precision motion platforms.




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